One of the best places to ride in this country is undeniably found in Mt Elgon and especifically Laboot Area. Although it can be a bit of drive for those from Nairobi and Mombasa, this area boasts without  doubt some of the best riding in Kenya. Laboot has a little bit of everything: Streams, cliffs, slick-rock, giant human-crushing boulders, and epic sceneries including Africa’s largest Caldera and an Elephant maternity. It is remote – extremely so – and has been labeled by many riders as the ultimate adventure destination. Demanding both intense physical and mechanical skills, the terrain can be unforgiving.

In October, 2018, we are hosting our annual offroad challenge pitting times from Bundu Rovers Club, Uasin Gishu 4X4 Club, Marakwet 4X4 Club, Enduro Club from Uganda, Nandi 4X4 Club, 039 Explorers 4X4 Team, Individual participants and many others from the corporate world. You can Register any time before 14th October, 2018. Do not forget to read our Terms and Conditions.


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