If adventure is part of your story, if connections with other individuals who share a similar story will create a bond that lasts long after your epic experience, 039 Explorers will define that story for you
In one way or another, most of us get mired in some boring routine in our lives. Travelling is a mental revitalising pill every needs. A different setting will help you discover fresh ideas about life. How other people live and how best to improve your own life.
There is no better way of rejuvenating than going out to conquer the wild. Kenya is a vast country and there is a lot that nature can provide. I speak for Mt. Elgon. Its distinctive features, the flora and fauna
There are many wonderful places in Mt. Elgon and indeed, everyone has their wonderful place in mind. Mine is Laboot. Laboot has made me happy a lot of times. Sometimes i think am the only person who likes this place and i keep asking myself if this place will still be as beautiful as i thought when i go back to visit
My first morning in Laboot is still ached in my memory and feels like yesterday. At around 5.30 am, we began to witness a mixture of yellow and orange on the eastern horizon beneath a dark neon blue ocean of night that began to evaporate. Against the tri-colored rainbow sky, trees and hills were like shadows. The sound of cattle mooing and birds chirping in a distance reminded me of my village life as a child. I felt nostalgic. That calmnes lifted my spirit to levels never witnessed before.
As though nature conspired to have the right inhabitants for this place, burried deep in the forest and hardly seen in crowds as is the case with city life is a population of wonderful people of Kalenjin descent called Ogiek. They have a rich culture that is second to none. Their traditional dance reminded me of the Maasai’s Adumu. On first encounter, they passed as an illerate lot but we later learnt Ogieks have produced academically accomplished persons of high repute locally and internationally.
I welcome you to take a day and come with me. Adios!


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